Thanks to the cutting-edge technology "Drone", "Sky" is becoming more familiar with us.
Rakuten brings New Revolution in this sky field.
Whenever & Wherever, you can get ordered product much sooner than ever.
We, Rakuten, aim for much better world with innovation through cutting-edge technologies.



Co-developed Original Drone

Rakuten developed Multi-copter Drone, "Tenku", with ACSL.
The finest feature is delivering by "Full-autocontrolled" flight, which never require any kinds of controllers.
Completely automated flight from take-off to land-on.
We also secure safe by newly developed Parachute.

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Order by Shopping App. Drone delivers.

Our newly developed simple UI shopping App enables anybody to make order easily. Our drone delivers items you choose by the App.
The most appealing feature is "Weight Indicator", which enables you to find sum of product weight.

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Operate drone with one button

We developed a dedicated application "Drone Dashboard" that can manage the functions and information necessary for safe operation.
Monitoring the flight condition of the drone, speaker announcement at takeoff and landing, automatic judgment of drone operation according to weather conditions are easily possible.
It is easy to understand securing safety which is the most important in operation.


Smooth order management

We have developed the "Management System" tool that enables you to check the orders from the shopping application in real time and easily manage all the way from order to delivery.
Various functions that can manage editing the product catalog, push notification function, inventory management, and drone management are included to support the operation staff.