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Drone Delivery

Empower people’s life

  • Innovation to Logistics
    Logistics issues are becoming bigger in recent years due to the facts that the number of parcels has been increasing with E-commerce market’s growth and the number of truck drivers has been decreasing.
    In addition, aging society causes the increase in shopping refuges especially for the elderly, which is considered as a big social issue.To solve such issues, we will provide an unmanned delivery solution with a new technology, drones.Rakuten Drone will innovate the society with drone delivery.


Original drone for delivery only.
A drone specializing in delivery will deliver the package to the delivery destination by fully automatic flight.

Drone delivery flow

Whatever you ask for arrives overwhelmingly fast, anytime, anywhere.

  1. STEP1
    Receive and prepare order
  2. STEP2
    Put a delivery box to drone
  3. STEP3
    Press 1 button to start delivery
  4. STEP4
    Drone flies autonomously to destination
  5. STEP5
    Drone delivers the box and returns home
  6. STEP6
    Products delivered to customers

Robot Delivery

Connecting Local People and Shops

Creating a more convenient and comfortable shopping infrastructure with robot delivery.
You can order products from local stores and the robot will deliver them safely to your designated location.
It supports same-day delivery, so it can support you in your hectic daily life.
This service can be used in a variety of situations, such as for heavy or bulky items shopping, or for


Here are some of the features of easy and convenient robot delivery service.

  • Easy on your phone
    You can enjoy shopping for groceries and even daily necessities at local stores through this shopping website.You can also check the delivery status of the robot and wait with peace of mind.
  • Store portal for
    smooth delivery
    Even if your store staff does not have knowledge of robots, there is no problem.
    The entire product catalog, inventory, orders, delivery, etc. can be managed through the portal to support the launch and operation of the store.
  • Safe and secure
    robot delivery
    The robot will obey traffic rules and deliver the car automatically.
    Even if a person jumps out, the robot can stop safely.
    In addition, the robot will be able to pick up items in a "non-contact, non-face-to-face" manner, so you can shop with peace of mind.

From order to delivery

You can start shopping right from your smartphone.

  1. STEP1
    Ordering Products
    Purchase products from the shopping website.
  2. STEP2
    Staff prepares for delivery
    Prepare your order for delivery.
  3. STEP3
    Automatic delivery by robots
    The robot automatically avoids people and objects while heading to the delivery location specified by the customer.
  4. STEP4
    Deliver the goods
    When the robot arrives, a phone call will be made and an automated voice will play. Use your PIN number to open the door and receive your merchandise.

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