Project History

Project 2

October 31, 2017 Started
We provide our drone delivery service in Minamisoma city

In Oya area of Minamisoma city, we provide the delivery service by our drone, Tenku. Once you make an order at the designated place, our drone delivers your orders to the designated delivery spot.

Project Detail

Operation Days
We finished providing our servise in the end of March 2018. Thank you for using our service!
Oya Community Center, Oya Area, Minamisoma City, Fukushima Pref.
  • ※ Our service may not be available in the case such as hursh wind and so on.

Project 1

May 9, 2016 Started
Golf player only! World's first ※1 drone delivery service

We started delivering service at the golf course on May 9, 2016. You can experience at Camel Golf Resort in Onjuku-cho, Chiba Prefecture.

Players can order what they want through dedicated application. You can receive goods at the designated receiving place.
The drone delivers golf balls, supplemented sweets, and cold drinks quickly.

  • ※1 According to our research

Project Detail

Operation Days
We cancel flights for the maintenance.
We will announce the new dates after the maintenance.
Camel Golf Resort, 3366 Kamifuse, Onjuku-cho, Izumi-gun, Chiba Prefecture
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  • ※There are times when service is not available due to circumstances such as weather.


Introduction of Past Demos

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    Delivery Demo through "Drone Highway" in Chichibu

    TEPCO Ventures, Inc., Zenrin Inc., & Rakuten Inc. conducted the demonstration.
    The drone delivered the item through "Drone Highway", the sky road on the power grids.

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    Delivery demo in Fujieda

    Rakuten conducted the demonstration on the drone delivery in the countryside. We delivered aid suplies and food aiming for shopping support and for an emergency.

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    Delivery demo in Inabu

    Rakuten conducted the demonstration on the drone delivery in mountainous area in Inabu.

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    Delivery demo in Hida

    Rakuten conducted the demonstration on the drone delivery for the case of a natural disater. We delivered the aid suplies.

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    Remote control and delivery demo using LTE network

    Chiba City, Rakuten, NTT Docomo, and ACSL jointly conducted delivering by drone at Inage Park and the surrounding sea in Chiba City. Looking at long-distance delivery utilizing the future drones, we confirmed that orders from smartphones are reflected normally in the delivery system using drone and that remote control by the LTE network can be done stably.

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    Delivery demo in Imabari

    Hiroshima Prefecture, Imabari City in Ehime Prefecture, Rakuten, and Energia Communications in collaboration with "National Strategy Special Zone in Hiroshima Prefecture and Imabari City," conducted demonstration on transportation using drone. We carried packages in remote island areas using dedicated drone "Tenku" of delivery service "Rakuten Drone" using Rakuten drone.